Market analysis Belgium – Italy – Sweden (Focus on DREEM pilot cities)

While still in a learning phase, it is clear that e-kickscooters are not a fad; in an increasingly congested and polluted urban landscape, cities urgently need them. Indeed, their presence in more than 490 cities & towns attests it. However, European countries are not embracing the trend in a similar way. Germany leads Europe with 15 different providers operating in 107 cities. This is followed by Italy, UK and Poland.

This report replied to the questions regarding the Belgian, Italian and Swedish markets: What are the main drivers and barriers to deploy e-kickscooters in urban areas? And also, are there specific indicators (external or local) that can make some cities better candidates than others for e-ks market penetration?

Having as scope of the market research is e-kickscooters ownership, for each target country, it analyses mobility behaviour and main related policies.  It also studies the three pilot cities (Brussels, Torino and Gothenburg) on the basis of 8 dimensions: (1) Population, density and type, (2) Congestion, (3) Local urban strategy, (4) Existing mobility offer in the city, (5) Driving restrictions for fossil fuel cars, (6) Safety regulations, (7) Bicycle culture and infrastructure and (8) Weather.

Publication Date: 14 Oct 2021

Author: Esti Sanvicente, Chloe Chavardes - Three o’clock