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Meet the innovative DREEM e-Kickscooter

09 Feb 22

Meet the innovative DREEM e-Kickscooter

The design of DREEM electric scooter started from analysing users’ pain points, looking for solutions that can solve these needs. As a result, the DREEM team designed a new generation electric kickscooter that solves the crucial need of more safety and more stability for micromobility vehicles.

The major innovations of DREEM’s scooters are:

  • Passive safety system: based on a rear camera and Artificial Intelligence it’s able to work as a smart electronic mirror, informing the driver about risks and possible collisions with vehicles approaching from behind
  • Three large, puncture proof tires, large deck: more stable solution with a fantastic feeling of agility during turns. This is achieved without the risk to get a flat.
  • In-app navigation system optimized for the most safe routing for micromobility vehicles.
  • Innovative ergonomics: when not driven the scooter can be dragged as a suitcase, thanks to the two rear wheels and the front handle

Learn more about the DREEM e-Kickscooter features here

Image by "TO.TEM S.r.l."

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