Image: TO.TEM S.r.l.


DREEM electric kickscooter is a new generation micromobility vehicle with many innovative features focused on safety and comfort.

An increased level of safety has been reached thanks to specific design choices and innovative technologies equipping the kickscooter. The collision alert system, thanks to a camera/sensor at the rear side of the scooter, ensures the possibility to see what happens behind and informs the driver about possible risky situations.

The large deck, the rear turn indicators, the three large tires (10” front and 8” rear) and the availability of an on-demand inflatable helmet are also intended to improve safety.

From comfort perspective, DREEM kickscooter can be folded and brought as a suitcase thanks to the front handle. This element, together with the reduced weight and the vertical standstill position will especially help users that need to bring the scooter with them in closed environments or public transportation.


Stability of the vehicle: The DREEM prototype foresees 3 wheels: the front motor wheel, and two at the rear improving stability. It is a self-standing vehicle, without any foldable kickstand required, easier to move. During its prototype design phase, the Punch team registered improved stability and comfort, and in absorbing shocks on different pathways. Also, the dimensions of the wheels have been studied: the front (motor) wheel will be 10 inches for an easier and safer riding experience, while 8 inches wheels in the rear will ensure stability and comfort.
Embedded inflatable helmet: In-vehicle embedded safety features will improve safety for both users and pedestrians. An automatic inflated helmet (Bumpair patent) to protect users from crashes and hazardous events, as well as to be compliant with regulation. The Bumpair helmet is compliant with the CE EN1078 standard. The Bumpair team envisages to work in drawing designs in the case the helmet is embedded in the vehicle for the project.
Crash calls/messages: e-kickscooter crashes can be detected with user GPS and a coupled accelerometer, which can send a text message to 3 phone numbers and to the local authorities (as the e-call service in cars). This can track which roads have more safety problems and improve potential problems in micromobility lanes to reduce accidents.
Radar sensor and IoT: it will be possible to add audible alerts in the case the vehicle is approaching an obstacle, an object or a pedestrian. The e-kickscooter will be provided with indicator lights that can be activated without removing the hands from the handlebar. This allows to improve the rider's feeling of safety and comfort, as well as to inform people of the rider intentions. The consortium will study during the project also the integration via DREEM APP of navigation and information tools.
Weight: The vehicle targets 9kg. for 50km which makes it lighter than existing (adult) comparable e-kickscooter available in the market with an average weight of 14-15 kg.
Modularity and foldability: DREEM aims to create a microvehicle lighter enough that all users, from any age and gender, can carry it in a bus, metro or any public transport network. The DREEM e-kickscooter will have a “one-click” foldable system allowing users to fold it quickly and carry it in buses, trains (or even in -shared- cars) without occupying much space.
Swappable battery system: it will allow the users to choose the most adapted range to their needs: from 10 to 50 km range, with the by default range at 50 km. This flexibility will allow users’ to change the battery to adapt to new needs.
Hub electric motor: provided by Elaphe and Domel, it is a special type of Transverse Flux Motor (TFM) where the magnetic flux path flows in radial, axial and tangential direction and surrounds the very simple circular electric current path. Several innovations were implemented in the TFM design in order to achieve high energy efficiency which is challenging at small motor mass and diameter where relatively large curvature of motor active parts. Beside these advance TFM machines also a more standard radial machine will be delivered for comparison.