In-Wheel Motor and BMS

This report was produced in the frame of WP2, "Vehicle design, architecture & UX". Its goal is to develop a low weight below 2.1 kg and high efficiency over 92% peak 350 W gearless hub motor. For this purpose, a three-phase transversal flux motor
(TFM) is developed, designed and validated using built samples. To build a TFM sample special materials and new manufacturing technologies are used.
Development phase consisted of:

  • Theoretical analysis,
  • 3D finite element modeling (FEM),
  • 3D computer aided designing (CAD),
  • Rapid prototyping manufacturing processes and
  • Sample validation and measurements.

All before mentioned phases are later explained in this deliverable report. 

Publication Date: 08 Sep 2021

Author: Rok Hodnik - PUNCH Torino